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DK - Denmark
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Bird exhibition in Mariager Porcelain Birds -> Birds and man

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item no: 
54370 Royal Copenhagen Large Goose girl 527 Chr. Thomsen 24 cm
item no: 
243428 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0528 RC Winther series; Snowman, Father Max with birds (1249528) Henny Iversen 8.5 cm 2008
item no: 
71104 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0528 RC Goose girl, small 7.5" Chr Thomsen 1903
item no: 
55625 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0528 RC Goose girl, small 7.5" Chr Thomsen Overglaze
item no: 
243429 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0529 RC Winther series, Snowman, Mother Sophie with corns for the birds 9 cm (1249529) Henny Iversen 2008
item no: 
253458 Royal Copenhagen figurine 678 RC Else - girl in bathing suit with toy duck 16.5 cm (1021678)
item no: 
55713 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0752 RC Faun with Parrot 19 cm
item no: 
243432 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0757 RC Annual Figurine 2001, Girl with bird table 16 cm (1248757) Sven Vestergaard
item no: 
54205 Dahl Jensen 1037 Leda and the swan 22.5 cm
item no: 
121083 Dahl Jensen figurine
1268 Hawaiian girl with bird (DJ) 16.5 cm
item no: 
100227 Dahl Jensen figurine
1296 Goosegirl (DJ) 23 cm
item no: 
106955 Dahl Jensen figurine
1305 Sudanese Man with cockatoo (DJ) 23 cm
item no: 
60671 Dahl Jensen figurine 1366 "Anne" Girl with bird (Borge Jorgensen) 13.8
item no: 
57607 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1495 Girl with butterfly
item no: 
106267 B&G Figurine B&G 1625 Mother and Else is feeding the birds 23.5 x 24.5 cm
item no: 
94167 Royal Copenhagen figurine
1857 RC Girl with Goose 17 cm Michael Pedersen for Aluminia 4017-1253 ca. 1924
item no: 
171532 B&G 1636 "Dickie" and the B&G 1902 Goose
item no: 
315544 Royal Copenhagen 1946 RC Leda and the Swan 19 x 19.5 cm , Design Michael Pedersen Pre 1930 Juliane Marie decorated
item no: 
243446 B&G Figurine B&G Annual figurine 2004, Girl with hen - My best friend (1249133)
item no: 
319912 Royal Copenhagen birdfigurine
2068 RC Geese 19 x 21 cm Peter Herold 1919
item no: 
55719 Royal Copenhagen figurine 2107 RC Faun with owl CT (1953) 16 x 9 cm
item no: 
74431 Royal Copenhagen figurine 2113 RC Faun with Crow Chr Thomsen
item no: 
55720 Royal Copenhagen figurine 2139 RC Goose Boy Chr. Th
item no: 
60228 B&G 2220 Girl feeding chicken 23 cm
item no: 
56841 B&G 2254 Goose Girl Axel Locher 24 cm
item no: 
56714 B&G 2340 Girl feeding dove. Design Vita Thymann 13 cm
item no: 
84515 B&G The H. C. Andersen collection: "Elisa - The Wild Swans" 13 x 17 cm Limited edition
item no: 
77104 B&G The H. C. Andersen collection: Thumpelina on a Swallow 11.5 x 18 cm Limited edition
item no: 
127865 Aluminia Figurine
2588 Man with goose - candlestick H. Jensenius and HHH
item no: 
57603 B&G 8024 Man with hen 13.5 cm
item no: 
54558 Royal Copenhagen Stoneware 20885 RC Boy with cock Johannes Hedegaard
item no: 
76493 Kahler Art Pottery Leda and the Swan 14 cm Kai Nielsen 1913