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DK - Denmark

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Figurines Animals Royal Copenhagen -> Bears and Polar Bears Royal Copenhagen
Brown bears, Polar Bears, Panda, Koala

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item no: 
276753 Royal Copenhagen Polar Bear Tray Arnold Krogh 1902
item no: 
149495 Royal Copenhagen figurine
0057 RC Racoon looking up 11 cm Allan Therkelsen
item no: 
229968 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0345-1233 RC Brown bear 16 x 16 cm Hermissen? 1901
item no: 
282131 Royal Copenhagen 0351 RC Julius White Bear 11 cm
item no: 
155340 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1249353 RC Polar Bear With Cub 12.5 cm 0353
item no: 
155341 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1249354 RC Polar Bear With Cubs 9 cm high 0354
item no: 
74428 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0502 RC Roaring Polar bear Liisberg 32 cm
item no: 
85699 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0662 RC Eating Panda 18 cm Allan Therkelsen 18 cm
item no: 
55802 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0729 RC Small Polar bear cub 6 cm
item no: 
74351 Royal Copenhagen figurine 825 Polar bear looking up KK 29 x 23 cm
item no: 
122264 Royal Copenhagen figurine
1107 RC Polar bear Wrestling 1907 Knud Kyhn 14 cm
Rare brown version 1452
item no: 
55866 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1107 RC Polar bear Wrestling KK 14 cm
item no: 
73955 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1108 RC Polar bear and seal KK ca 23 x 37 cm
item no: 
55803 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1124 RC Bear Knud Kyhn 6 x 8 cm
item no: 
55383 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1137 RC Polar bear standing KK 17 x 27 cm
item no: 
55977 B&G 1857 Polar Bear Knud Kyhn 21.5 x 37 cm (RC 433)
item no: 
55721 Royal Copenhagen figurine 2317 RC Polar bears KK 16 x 14 cm
item no: 
55163 Royal Copenhagen 535 Polar bear cub standing MA 7.5 cm B&G 2535
item no: 
78961 B&G 2536 Polar bear cub sitting up MA 10.5 cm
item no: 
55874 Royal Copenhagen 537 figurine B&G 2537 Polar bear cub feet up MA 10.5 cm Merete Agergaard
item no: 
55164 Royal Copenhagen 0538 Polar bear cub lying on back 9 cm B&G 2538
item no: 
55690 Royal Copenhagen figurine 2841 RC Walking bear
item no: 
55386 Royal Copenhagen figurine 2842-1223 RC Bear with paw raised Knud Kyhn 1928 9 x 9 cm
item no: 
70139 Royal Copenhagen figurine 3014 RC Bear cub eating KK 1928 9 cm
item no: 
229666 Royal Copenhagen figurine 3134 RC Bear fighting snake KK
item no: 
58971 Royal Copenhagen figurine 4780 RC Polar bear with cubs Jeanne Grut 5 x 6 cm
item no: 
205077 Royal Copenhagen figurine 5298 RC Giant Panda 13 x 23 cm William Timyn
item no: 
223150 Large Royal Copenhagen figurine 5402 RC Koala 18 x 14 cm William Timyn
item no: 
114029 Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
233 (1003 233) White bear cub paw up Knud Kyhn 21433
item no: 
114030 Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
235 (1003 235) White bear cub sitting Knud Kyhn 21435
item no: 
114031 Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
Knud Kyhn 238 RC (1003 238) Large white bear laying 21 x 16 cm, Knud Kyhn, November 1957
item no: 
114032 Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
245 (1003245) White Bear cub on the back 9 cm Knud Kyhn / Jeanne Grut 22745
item no: 
114033 Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery 248 RC (1003248) White bear Cub - left paw on the floor Knud Kyhn 22748
item no: 
109368 Royal Copenhagen figurine Racoons by Allan Therkelsen