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Figurines Animals B&G porcelain -> Bing & Groendahl Overglaze Figurines

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item no: 
302099 B&G Porcelain B&G Antique Sailor with fish 18.5 cm
item no: 
302101 B&G Porcelain B&G Antique Girl with bonnet and purse 17 cm
item no: 
247161 B&G Figurine B&G 800? Holberg's Theater Maskerade 1885 "Magdalone (Oplag 500) 18.5 cm
item no: 
56641 B&G Antique Woman with basket 17 cm BG 1855-1880
item no: 
247159 B&G Figurine B&G 8001 Holberg's Theater 1884 "Henrik" Maskerade 18.5 cm (Limited 500)
item no: 
56642 Antique B&G Figurine Girl 17.5 cm
item no: 
247160 B&G Figurine B&G 8005 Holberg's Theather 1895 "Jeronimus" Maskerade 19 cm (Limited 500)
item no: 
122255 B&G Figurine
"Pernille" 18.5 cm from the Holberg Series
item no: 
173774 B&G Figurine
B&G 8020 Dansing couple (14 x 17 cm) Bregnoe & Tegner
item no: 
57603 B&G 8024 Man with hen 13.5 cm
item no: 
189609 B&G Figurine B&G 8026 Lackey without coat throwing a snowball 15 cm
item no: 
153725 B&G Figurine
B&G 8028 Lackey running 16.6 cm Tegner og Bregnoe
item no: 
173775 B&G Figurine
B&G 8029 Lackey jumping ca 14.2 x 13 cm Hans Tegner 1853-1932 * Jens Jakob Bregnø 1877-1946
item no: 
173776 B&G Figurine B&G 8030 Lady with dog
item no: 
173777 B&G Figurine
B&G 8033 Blindfolded Blind man's buff
item no: 
343930 B&G Porcelain B&G 8034 Lady with slippers 16.5 cm
item no: 
79463 B&G 8037 "Sunshine" 16.5 cm Bregno/Tegner
item no: 
272833 B&G Figurine B&G 8041 Dancing couple stumpling Bregnoe og Tegner 14.5 x 10 cm
item no: 
173778 B&G Figurine B&G 8045 Gentleman with apples in basket
item no: 
191297 B&G Figurine
Over glaze B&G 8047 The Emperors’ new clothing (H. C. Andersen) 27 cm
item no: 
55276 B&G 8048 Little Klaus (H. C. Andersen) 15,5 cm
item no: 
55598 B&G 8049 Overglaze Nightingale 23 cm
item no: 
151874 B&G Figurine B&G 8050 The Swineherd (H. C. Andersen)
item no: 
205774 B&G Figurine B&G 8051 Tinder Box (H. C. Andersen) Soldier & Witch 21 cm Tegner & Bregnoe
item no: 
55278 Bing & Grondahl 8052 The Sandman (H. C. Andersen)23.5 cm
item no: 
56644 Antique B&G parlor maid woman
item no: 
56898 B&G 8038 Girl with flowers - Blanc de Chine White 16.5 cm