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Jeanne Grut Royal Copenhagen
Stoneware Art Pottery Danish etc.
Figurines Animals Royal Copenhagen
Figurines Animals B&G porcelain
Figurines - Vases Lyngby - KPM
Dahl Jensen figurines, porcelain
H.C. Andersen Items
Aluminia Art Faience vases, figurines baca, tenera
Tableware -Royal Copenhagen
Tableware -B&G Bing & Grondahl
Stoneware - B&G Kronjyden Nissen
Aluminia Royal Copenhagen Faience
Lyngby Tableware - KPM
Tableware-Stoneware- European
Cutlery - Silver plates - Steel
Glass, Drinking Glass, Holmegaard
Silver-Michelsen-Georg Jensen-
Vases, Bowls - Decorative Porcelain
Furniture - Clocks - Various
Plates - Danish Christmas Plates
Art: Paintings, Drawings, Etchings
Bronze, copper, pewter etc
European Figurines porcelain ceramic
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Knud Kyhn KK
Christmas items from Denmark
Dog Exhibition in Mariager Denmark
Bird exhibition in Mariager Porcelain Birds

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DK - Denmark

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Tableware -B&G Bing & Grondahl
Bing Grøndahl Dinnerware Empire, Koppel, Butterfly and Blue Fluted
B&G porcelain
Aegir B&G tableware Ægir
Alphabeth an clock numbers Childrens Plate B&G Porcelain 1915-1947 Kay Boyesen
Antique B&G Porcelain
Flower Service
APOLLO: B&G Dinnerware
Apollon B&G porcelain 005 601
AZUR: B&G Azur Stoneware Nissen Green
B&G Blue Traditional porcelain 247 Bouillon cup 3 dl (481) & saucer 27.7 cm
B&G Hostrup Porcelain
249 Candlestick 4.5 x 11 cm (501)
B&G Offenbach Porcelain 026 Plate 21.5 cm (326) Fish plates SEE LIST
B&G porcelain Saxon Flower Cream
Babies Breath porcelain B&G : White base, Babies Breath, gold rim, form 676
Balder B&G See our Current Stock LIST
Ballerina B&G
22 items
Blue Flute Heavy Hotel Ware B&G - Royal Copenhagen
42 items
Blue Fluted Ribbed B&G Dinnerware
10 items
Blue Henning Koppel Bing & Grondahl SEE LIST of current stock
Blue Tone, Seashell, Smooth & Hotel
28 items
Blue traditional Blue FLuted B&G
45 items
Butterfly B&G
32 items
Cactus B&G dinnerware - see list
Café B&G Art Pottery tableware Cafe Black and White
Carl Larsson B&G Porcelain Artist 616 plate 17 cm SE LIST
Carl Larsson B&G Porcelain Artist Coffee cups 305 Carl Larsson
Casablanca B&G Porcelain
Castles of Denmark B&G Danish
Christmas Rose B&G
61 items
B&G porcelain
Columbia B&G Stoneware
21 items
Comet B&G porcelain B&G : White base with blue decoration, form 678
Composers Famous B&G
Convalla B&G porcelain : White/blue base, Lily-of-the-valley, form 643 SEE LIST
Coppelia B&G Stoneware
25 items
Cordial Grey Stoneware Quistgaard B&G
15 items
Corinth B&G
Corinth B&G Korinth
7 items
Cumulus B&G Porcelain
656 Tea pot 1 l (092 c ) B&G Cumulus: White base, blue modern decoration, same form as Tivoli
Cumulus: B&G porcelain White base, blue modern decoration, same form as Tivoli
Danmark B&G Porcelain Denmark Cream base, Danish motives in brown, form 612
Delphi B&G porcelain : White base, pattern of blue lines, on form 43
Demeter Blå Corn flower B&G
30 items
Demeter, White B&G Cornflower on White porcelain SEE our current stock
Denmark Service B&G
15 items
Dickens B&G Butterfly with half lace
9 items
Egen - The oak B&G tableware Hotel 1022 Coffee cup (Hotel) no saucer (744)
EGG B&G Porcelain 696 RC Egg cup 6 cm
Pink Rose
EGG: B&G Porcelain 696 RC Egg cup 6 cm
EGG: B&G Porcelain 696 RC Egg cup 6 cm
Elegance, White & Creame B&G
5 items
Elsa B&G Dinnerware
Empire B&G
61 items
Engelhart 10 set of B&G Porcelain
White Cups and sacuers by the Danish Designer Knud V. Engelhardt
Eranthis B&G Dinnerware
47 items
B&G porcelain
Falling Leaves B&G
37 items
Field flower B&G Dinnerware
Fish dinnerware Royal Copenhagen B&G
17 items
Fleur, Rosa & Blue B&G
12 items
Freja B&G tableware Tea 238 Large tea pot 17 x 26 cm 1.4 l. (656)
Freja B&G tableware Tea Cups and saucers
Frigga B&G dinnerware for sale - our current stock
Gefion B&G Tableware China
Geisha B&G 28 a Cake plates
Golden Sun B&G Bernadotte
17 items
Greenland B&G Porcelain
Kalaallit Nunaanni pingortitaq - Greenlandic Scenery SOLDCollection
Gulnare Bing & Grondahl Tableware
24 items
H. C. Andersen stories
B&G Porcelain
Motif service
Haga B&G Saucers for Coffee cup 102
Hamlet porcelain B&G: White base, purple flower, gold saw tooth rim, form 257
HANK: B&G WHite Moder dinnerware
15 items
Hartmann, white porcelain double gold line B&G
47 items
Hazelnut B&G Porcelain B&G (Elsinore): White base, golden nuts, green leaves, green band and gold rim, form 601 Haselnuss
Heimdal Jasmine B&G tableware
13 items
Hermod B&G
Hostrup B&G Stocklist Single gold rim on white porcelain
Jubilee B&G dinnerware
33 items
Kay Bojesen B&G porcelain 091 b B&G Coffee pot with wooden handle 17.5 x 20 cm
Kay Bojesen B&G Porcelain
Tete-a-Tete set pot, tray, 9 cups and creamer flødekande
Kipling B&G Butterfly with gold
17 items
Koppel, White B&G Henning
39 items
Kronberg B&G porcelain
20 items
Leda B&G porcelain: White base, gold rim, form 676 
Luna Bing & Grondahl Covered Vegetable dish #5
Luna B&G white porcelain with gold rim SEE STOCKLIST
Macbeth B&G Porcelain 012 Butter pitcher 5 x 16 cm (561)
Macbeth B&G Porcelain
- Anemone 177 Low tea pot 1 l.
Magnussen & Bonfils B&G Kitchen Series
11 items
B&G Porcelain
SAHARA 3 x cups and saucer 102
Marstrand B&G porcelain: White base, à la grecque gold rim, light green border, gold in the inner rim, form 601
Menuet B&G Dinnerware
2 items
Mexico B&G Stoneware
18 items
Milky Way B&G porcelain Galaxy
Mimer B&G porcelain : White base, Edelweiss, gold rim, form 356
Njal B&G porcelain Springflower dinnerware
Norden: B&G Porcelain Porcelainfabrikken Norden København
Noway -Pattern B&G
4 items
Offenbach B&G
30 items
Offenbach, White form 257 B&G porcelain
See list
Olympia B&G porcelain White base, pattern of green lines, on form 43 same as Delphi
Ophelia B&G Porcelain White base, green flower with gold leave, gold rim, form 356
Opus B&G porcelain China
Orchid B&G Lady's Slipper: White base, Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium), form 601
Orchid Blue & Gray B&G Tableware
2 items
Palet B&G Art Pottery tableware Codial
Palet B&G Art Pottery tableware Cordial Black - Palet
Palet Purple B&G Art Pottery tableware Cordial
Palet, White Cordial Quistgaard
3 items
PALET: B&G Art Pottery tableware Cordial Pink
PARIS: B&G Paris Dinnerware
Peru B&G Stoneware
33 items
Prik B&G - Dot! Cream base, punctured lines, wide blue border, form 635
Princess Margrethe Apple flower B&G Porcelain 016 Oval platter 33 cm (316)
Relief Nissen Kronjyden B&G Quistgaard IHQ
39 items
Ribbed Royal Copenhagen Brown Tea pot (2225) 15 x 24 cm ca 1940-1943 Aluminia Faience
Rio B&G : White base, lingonberry and pansies (like Ymer and Aegir), gold rim, form 601 
Roselil B&G
23 items
Rossini B&G dinnerware SOLD
Rune: Quistgaard B&G Kronjyden Nissen
22 items
Sahara B&G White base, brown and blue lines (Like Casablanca and Marrakesh)
Saxon Flower B&G
45 items
Scotch Rose B&G
24 items
Seagull B&G - (without gold rim!)
67 items
Seagull with gold B&G
80 items
Siesta B&G Art Pottery tableware B&G Siesta Form 38
Spring Flower B&G Porcelain 696 RC Egg cup 6 cm
Strauss B&G Porcelain
Light Green double gold rim on white porcelain form 601-469
Tea pot B&G Porcelain 653 Blue Teapot - yellow Polka dots Tea for one
Tea pots B&G
81 items
TEMA Bing & Grondahl Stoneware
26 items
Thor B&G Porcelain - anemone
Thorvaldsen B&G porcelain ; White base, light green border, gold decoration on the rim, form 601
Thycho Brahe B&G tableware china
Tivoli Bing & Grondahl
21 items
Trend: B&G Art Pottery tableware
Game motives Leif Ravn Jensen
Troja B&G Porcelain Troya
White modern porcelæn with blue flowers
Troy B&G Porcelain 026 Plate 21.5 cm (326)

Umbra Kronjyden Art Pottery tableware "Umbra" brown version of azur
Unknown Flower B&G Tableware
Unknown name B&G Porcelain Blue tea cup 473
Unknown Name B&G Porcelain
Unkown Bing and Grondahl Hotel Quality Pattern - Gold and laces like Kronberg and Kipling B&G Porcelain
Vega B&G porcelain : White base, gold in the inner rim, form 674 (Bernadotte)
Venice B&G porcelain Venedig: White base, curved, wide gold rim and goldlines. form 257
VENUS: B&G Venus dinnerware
Verdi B&G - Tableware
3 items
Volmer B&G Tableware SEE LIST
Wagner B&G Porcelain White base, rust red border, à la grecque gold rim, form 469 and form 601
White B&G porcelain
White B&G Porcelain White form 601 225 Sugar castor 14 cm
White B&G Porcelain
Bowl with lid - Modern B&G design 663 Please let me know if you can tell the name of the design artist
White B&G Porcelain
Marmelade Jar Modern Design Off white 15.5 cm
White form 601 B&G Porcelain 247 Bouillon cup with lid 3 dl (481)
White undecorated B&G Porcelain 696 RC Egg cup 6 cm
Wiberg B&G Christmas Pattern
10 items
X Sold B&G Tableware
229 items
Aakjaer Bing & Grondahl Dinnerware
1 items
Aarestrup B&G
5 items