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DK - Denmark
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Vases, Bowls - Decorative Porcelain -> Blanc de Chine Royal Copenhagen & B&G

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item no: 
215840 Royal Copenhagen RC White Hetsch Vase 26.5 cm
item no: 
282109 B&G Porcelain B&G 254 Tray - 12.2 cm Thorvalsen relief
item no: 
316673 Royal Copenhagen RC White Lamp shade with relief 14 x 12 cm ca 1964 pair of pendels
item no: 
178915 Royal Copenhagen 3287 RC White vase with lid -fish in relief 13 cm Arno Malinowski
item no: 
179030 Royal Copenhagen 3300 RC White vase with birds in relief 11 cm Arno Malinowski
item no: 
168913 Royal Copenhagen 3374-1 RC White Margrethe Cup 12 cm
item no: 
135418 Royal Copenhagen 3420 RC Modern Bowl with relief 20 cm Blanc de Chine
item no: 
124104 Royal Copenhagen
3431 RC Bowl 7 x 14.5 cm Thorkild Olsen TO Blanc de Chine White with relief
item no: 
122131 Royal Copenhagen
RC 3603 Bowl 6 x 16 cm Thorkild Olsen ?
item no: 
147521 Royal Copenhagen
3621 RC White bowl 33.5 x 18.5 cm Blanc de Chine
item no: 
289009 Royal Copenhagen 4032 RC White Chanelled Vase 19.5 cm Thorkild Olsen TO
item no: 
135033 Royal Copenhagen 4085 RC Bowl with fish and fishing familie 10.5 x 28.5 cm
item no: 
169801 Royal Copenhagen
4116 RC White Bowl with relief 9 x 20.8 cm 2nd
item no: 
147285 Royal Copenhagen
4119 RC White vase ca 16 cm Faun and puti in Relief Signed HHH Hans Henrik Hansen
item no: 
326752 Royal Copenhagen
4152 RC Cup 6 x 6.5 cm Thorkild Olsen TO Blanc de Chine
item no: 
114021 Royal Copenhagen
4160 RC Cup 6.5 cm Thorkild Olsen TO Blanc de Chine
item no: 
166932 Royal Copenhagen 4428 RC White Vase with lotus relief 7.5 cm
item no: 
230935 Royal Copenhagen 4441 RC White Butterbox with ribbed sides 5 x 9.5 x 11.5 cm, Blanc de Chine
item no: 
310962 Royal Copenhagen 4478 RC White vase with relief 9 x 11.5 cm Gerd Boegelund
item no: 
291377 Royal Copenhagen 4484 RC Cup 11.5 x 9 cm Blanc de Chine Annie Jeppesen
item no: 
152550 Royal Copenhagen 4769 Hvid vase 8.8 x 10.6
Lotus blanc de Chine
item no: 
185396 Royal Copenhagen
4954 WHITE Georgiana Candlestick 9.5 cm
item no: 
282137 Royal Copenhagen 4995 RC White Candlestick Gerd Boegelund 6 x 7 cm Signed gb
item no: 
237376 Royal Copenhagen White Modern vases
item no: 
215197 B&G Porcelain
B&G 5433 Oval modern white vase 19.5 x 16.5 x 5.5 cm
item no: 
282120 B&G Porcelain B&G 5763 White Bowl with cornheaf relief 10.5 x 15 cm Lisbeth Munch-Petersen LM-P
item no: 
304416 B&G Porcelain B&G 6043 White Vase with Relief 6.7 x 8 cm
item no: 
94013 Royal Copenhagen
Signed Iwan Weis Vase ca 30 cm
item no: 
216675 B&G Porcelain B&G Large oval floor vase 30 x 20 cm by Bodil Manz no markings