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DK - Denmark

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item no: 
160481 Original Henry Heerup "Coffee Spirit" Kaffetrold Lithographie in colours Signed Heerup and numbered 251 of 500. In Alu Frame 51 x 38 cm
item no: 
289448 Mariager Fjord Painting
item no: 
71980 Paintng Grete Fristrup (1905-1995)
item no: 
168854 Painting of the beatiful Mariager Fjord near Mariager E. Thorbjørn (1911-1985) Oil on wood - 37 x 43 cm
item no: 
160484 Orininal Henry Heerup "The Svan" Lithographie
item no: 
160483 Orininal Henry Heerup "The Egg" Lithographie in colours Signed and numbered
item no: 
153859 Oil on canvas E. Thorbjørn Mariagerfjord Landscape 97 x 115 cm
item no: 
139061 Painting Viwv of Mariagerfjord outside Fladbjerg
item no: 
130425 Painting Oil on Canvas Cows in the field
item no: 
128780 Red Houses Painting Ingrid Norholm Als 30 x 30 cm
item no: 
128713 Maleri: Får på Gotland 50 x 50 cm Eva Christensen, Hadsund
item no: 
125138 Maleri Gunnar Bundgaard Mariagerfjord 42x52 cm inklusiv flot guldramme "Sten ved lavvande"
item no: 
125139 Painting Gunnar Bundgaard (1920-2005). Mariagerfjord Oil on canvas Inclusive nice golden frame 42 x 52 cm
item no: 
125140 Painting Gunnar Bundgaard Mariagerfjord Oil on canvas Inclusive nice golden frame 42 x 52 cm
item no: 
125142 Maleri including nice golden frame 65,5 x 83,5 cm Mariagerfjord The Stone arm
item no: 
125143 Painting Oil on Canvas Maleri Seashape Signed EK 30 x 40 cm
item no: 
125146 Painting Oil on canvas Østergade i Mariager 1956 62 x 79 cm
item no: 
121001 Etching by Louis Moe: Faun and Kentaur Opus IV
item no: 
120178 Mogens Vantore (1895-1977)
item no: 
112992 HC Hauge-Rasmussen - Ganymede 100 x 130 cm Oil on canvas
item no: 
112930 Oil on board "Tine"
HC. Hauge-R
item no: 
107318 Mariager Old House Einar Gross (1895-1962) Oil painting in golden frame
item no: 
101806 John Ellermann Oil on canvas "A sharp" 60 x 50 cm
item no: 
97062 34 x 34 House with flag - acrylic on wood - Danish enchanting architecture
Pavol Dominik Solar (1976)
item no: 
92767 Arnoldi Lithograph 71 x 50 cm No 124 of 300
item no: 
91467 B&G Porcelain
B&G Porcelain painting in golden frame: The Unveiling Of The Statue of Liberty. Enlightening The World. From An Orginal Painting By Edward Moran (1829-1901) 38.5 x 30 cm No. 66 of 2500 Limited edition
item no: 
90864 Oil painting P Kruse 1954
item no: 
85168 ”August” Dog painting Th. Philipsen (1840-1920) Oil on canvas 57,5 x 70 cm including original gold frame
item no: 
85167 Portuguese water dog Not The Oba Family's dog - the name is ”Monark” Dog painting 1915 Simon Simonsen (1841-1928) Oil on canvas 61.5 x 48 cm including original gold frame
item no: 
71979 Akvarel Grete Fristrup (1905-1995)
item no: 
71984 Heidi Klentz, Allborg - catching faces
item no: 
71981 Water Colour
Grete Fristrup (1905-1995) 60 x 67 cm
item no: 
71978 Water Colour Grethe Fristrup
item no: 
71983 Heidi Klentz
item no: 
71982 Abstract Composition
item no: 
71343 B&G painting Sailship Jutland by C. F. Sørensen Porcelain Painting
item no: 
54440 Jean Baptiste Camille Corot Engraving