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DK - Denmark

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Aluminia Art Faience vases, figurines baca, tenera -> Aluminia Art Faience BACA

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item no: 
273538 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience 634-3726 RC Faience Bowl 4 x 25 cm, Baca, Ellen Malmer
item no: 
149837 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience Baca Ellen Malmer
item no: 
234820 Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience 645-3500 Dice as candlestick and vase 6.2 x 5.6 cm Black and brown decoration, Ellen Malmer , Baca
item no: 
167614 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
RC Faience 658-3474 Small bowl 4 x 8.5 cm yellow inside Baca Ellen Malmer
item no: 
132423 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
661-3455 RC Faience Square Vase 19 cm Ellen Malmer
item no: 
167718 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
RC Faience 663-3505 Blue Round Vase 14 cm Ellen Malmer Baca Aluminia
item no: 
156570 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience 697-3697 RC Faience Mug 15 cm with pewter lid Baca Ellen Malmer
item no: 
149846 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience Blue Baca Nils Thporsson
item no: 
264883 Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience 719-2942 Blue and lila flowers on squarre vase, Nils Thorsson 1961 15 x 18.5 x 6 cm, Baca
item no: 
248954 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience Baca RC Faience 719-3259 Aluminia Brown Vase 22.5 cm Nils Thorson Baca 1972
item no: 
149829 Aluminia Copenhagen RC Faience 805-3259 Squarre Vase 22,5 cm Nils Thorsson Baca
item no: 
143409 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
Brown Baca 719 Nils thorsson
item no: 
225608 Aluminia Figurine RC Faience 720-3404 Lidded round vase (Dance macabre blue dot) 15 x 9 cm Nils Thorsson Baca 1965
item no: 
149838 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience Baca Nils Thorsson
item no: 
169467 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
RC Faience 794-3476 Yellow Box 11 x 6.5 cm, Baca, Johanne Gerber
item no: 
205229 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience Aluminia Fajance RC Faience 790-2885 Yellow square tray 26.6 x 26.6 cm Baca. Nils Thorsson
item no: 
236577 Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience 807-3445 Blue Tray with fishs 23 x 31 cm Nils Thorsson 1966, Baca
item no: 
205226 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience RC Faience 870-3751 Aluminia Brown Vase 17 x 15 cm, Nils Thorsson Baca
item no: 
149946 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience 870 Baca SEE LISTING
item no: 
215812 Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience 962-2823 Smørdåse 1/4 kg 12,5 x 9,5 cm
item no: 
295290 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience 962-3726 RC Faience Bowl 4 x 25 cm, Baca, Ellen Malmer
item no: 
134327 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
RC Faience 177-3622 Coffee filter, Baca, Beth Breyen 1968 7.3 x 19.2 cm
item no: 
296635 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience 719-3595 92-7194 Brown Lamp foot 2850 Baca 1968 Nils Thorsson for Fog Moerup
item no: 
149843 Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience 7 RC Faience Round box with wooden lid. Baca Ellen Malmer 13 x 12 cm 1970
item no: 
149863 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience Baca Blue with birds 708
item no: 
150030 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience RC Faience 721-3258 Square vase 12 cm. Baca, Nils Thorsson
item no: 
143405 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
Yellow variations
item no: 
59980 Aluminia Baca - See more at www. jamerantik. dk