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DK - Denmark
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Figurines Animals B&G porcelain -> B&G White Blanc de Chine
Svend Lindhart Sadolin

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item no: 
97504 B&G Figurine Rare White B&G Nude Girl with flowers
item no: 
274928 Antique White B&G Parian: John The Baptist from The Sermon of John The Baptist by Bertel Thorvaldsen
item no: 
274929 Antique White B&G Parian B&G 41 Thorvaldsen Biscuit. The sermon of John the Baptist. Young thoughtful man 25.5 cm Bertel Thorvaldsen
item no: 
274926 Antique White Bisque B&G 42 Parian A father with his son 29 cm From the Swermon of John the Baptist
item no: 
274927 Antique White B&G Parian from The Sermon of John The Baptist by Bertel Thorvaldsen
B&G 48 Parian. A hunter with dog, 30.5 cm From the Sermon of John the Baptist
item no: 
56877 B&G 2206 Headache 2207 Toothache 2208 Tummyache 2209 Earache Svend Lindhart 11.5 cm
item no: 
57342 B&G 2229 Boy "This Big" 17 cm
item no: 
57021 B&G 2230 Baby with apple "Eve" 17 cm
item no: 
57022 B&G 2231 Adam - boy with teddy 16.5 cm
item no: 
57023 B&G 2232 "Scared" White figurine 16 cm
item no: 
56842 B&G 2264 Sea boy with shell 11 cm White water baby
item no: 
56676 B&G 2265 Sea boy with starfish Sadolin/Jespersen 11 cm
item no: 
56843 B&G 2266 Sea boy with sea-weed 10 cm white
item no: 
94144 B&G Figurine B&G 2267 Sea boy with Sea-weed 11.5 cm white
item no: 
77220 B&G 2280 White Greenland girl sitting 23 x 24 cm
item no: 
182545 B&G Figurine
B&G 2282 White girl standing 45 cm
item no: 
111421 B&G White Figurine B&G 2296 Girl shaping bowl 12 cm - 100 years aniversary
item no: 
125096 B&G Figurine
B&G 2314 Sea Girl Lying 12 cm Ebbe Sadolin/Svend Jespersen w Gold
item no: 
66811 B&G 2315 Sea boy resting Ebbe Sadolin /Sv. Jespersen
item no: 
66812 White B&G 2332 Madonna Ebbe Sadolin/Svend Jespersen 23 cm
item no: 
205915 B&G Figurine B&G 2411 Greenlander standing 9 cm, white, Mathias Lavstrom
item no: 
298912 B&G Porcelain B&G 2497 Do not see 13 cm
item no: 
299010 B&G Figurine B&G Blanc de Chine The virtues Svend Lindhart
B&G 2498 Do not speak 13.5 cm
item no: 
230690 B&G Figurine White B&G 4037 Boy with fish 8 cm Birth of Venus
item no: 
230933 B&G Porcelain Thorvaldsen Bisquit Flowergirl ca 1830 30 cm
item no: 
112094 B&G Figurine Heavenly Music Angels Violin is in stock