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Dahl Jensen figurines, porcelain
Jens Peter Dahl-Jensen 1874-1960 Figurines, dogs, Oriental DJ Copenhagen

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item no: 
70094 DJ Copenhagen Stoneware vase DJ 1 - 11-1111 R? 12,5 x 11 cm
item no: 
99574 Dahl Jensen Copenhagen Stoneware Vase 24 cm
item no: 
237201 Dahl Jensen Craquelé 35 DJ Small grey vase with flowers and gold 8 x 7 cm
item no: 
117088 Dahl Jensen Crackleware
60 DJ Vase, flower and gold on grey 10 cm
item no: 
381604 Dahl Jensen Craquelé 14-167 DJ Vase with flower 12 cm
item no: 
108006 Dahl Jensen 225-665 DJ Red lidded vase 16 cm Crackleware
item no: 
171539 Dahl Jensen Craquelé Sall vases and trays
item no: 
309161 Dahl Jensen 115-363 DJ Tray, brown, red and gold on grey 7 x 26 cm
item no: 
116947 Dahl Jensen Crackleware
104-396 DJ Oval Vase, flower and gold on grey 16,5 x 13 cm Craquelure
item no: 
184482 Dahl Jensen Craquelé
152-401 DJ Red tray on grey decorated in gold 16,5 cm
item no: 
116946 Dahl Jensen Crackleware
174-580 DJ Vase, red on grey with gold and flowers 19,5 x 17 cm
item no: 
186625 Dahl Jensen 184-590 DJ Tray, green and gold with flower 15 cm
item no: 
54479 Dahl Jensen Crackle lampfoot 179-591 Lamp ca. 13 x 13 cm
item no: 
117140 Dahl Jensen Crackleware
188-617 DJ Red og grey with flower and gold cracle dish 25.2 x 25.2 cm
item no: 
78055 Dahl Jensen 088-617 DJ Green bowl 25 cm Craquelé
item no: 
54478 Dahl Jensen 141-643 DJ Red bowl 28 cm
item no: 
116950 Dahl Jensen Crackleware
Vase and tray
item no: 
296882 Dahl Jensen Craquelé, (Crackelure) 220-653 DJ Tray, green and gold with flower 2.5 x 8.5 cm
item no: 
78056 Dahl Jensen Craquelé vase and candlestick Craquelure 238-690 DJ Red candlestick 13 x 7 cm
item no: 
78057 Dahl Jensen Craquelure 240-696 DJ Red lamp foot red 24 cm +
item no: 
72216 Dahl Jensen Craquelur 241-704 DJ Lidded jar cracle  15 x 18 cm 
item no: 
243850 Dahl Jensen 61-747 DJ Blue Vase 10 x 10 cm
item no: 
120798 Dahl Jensen figurine
1173 Faun with Grapes (Bregno) 18.5 cm
item no: 
216013 Dahl Jensen figurine
1338 Ballerina Large (DJ) 38.5 cm SOLD
item no: 
311510 B&G Porcelain
B&G 1525 Art nouveau Woman with jar(Candlestick) 27 cm DJ
item no: 
365764 From Foreign countries told in porcelain by George Dahl-Jensen
item no: 
By Caroline and Nick Pope ( Schiffer Books for Collectors 2002)
item no: 
102556 Dahl Jensen 46-91 Vase decorated with church 10.5 x 10.5 cm